Parabeam Accessories

® 700-FSK 2-Zone Base Receiver

Product Highlights
  • Can be added as a Slave Receiver to your ® 700-FSK system
  • Receive alerts in two locations simultaneously
  • Slave Base Receiver mimics all alerts and messages transmitted of the Master Receiver
  • 3 Year Warranty

Price Alberts CA $252.50


The ® 700-FSK Two-zone Receiver will sound an alarm whenever any enrolled beam-set beam is interrupted. The sound of the alarm differs depending on which activated Beam-set is assigned to Zone 1 or Zone 2.

All other alerts and messages are also displayed on the Slave Receiver.

The Two-zone Receiver has a fixed volume level of around 95dBA/30cm (smoke alarms are approx. 100dBA). Other devices (or an alarm panel) interface with the Base Receiver via terminal blocks located on the back of the enclosure. Located next to these terminal blocks is a Beam-set battery connector. In the event a battery from the Beam-set needs to be re-charged quickly, it can be plugged into this battery connector.

The Two-zone Receiver comes with an antenna and is powered with a supplied 12V Power Adaptor.

This kit includes:
  • 1 700-FSK Two-zone Slave Receiver
  • 1 12V Power Adaptor for Base Receiver
Base Receiver
Two-way Radio Supervision YES (via the Master Receiver)
On-board Diagnostics YES (via the Master Receiver)
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 2
Volume Adjustment Increments NONE – Fixed Volume
Power Requirements 12V DC
Dimensions – Millimetres W65 | D100 | H30
Warranty 3 Years

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