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® 700-FSK 4-Zone Base Receiver

Product Highlights
  • The 4-Zone Receiver receives alerts from any installed Beam-set, whenever a beam is broken. The Base Receiver also receives diagnostic messages from the installed Beam-set(s), including Low Battery and Beam Blocked alerts.
  • Whenever the Base Receiver receives communication of any kind from the Beam-Set(s), it responds with a acknowledgment / confirmation signal.
  • Each separate Beam-set activates a different beeping sequence from the Base Receiver so it is easily identified.
  • 3 Year Warranty

Price Alberta CA $336.25


The ® 700-FSK The new Four-zone Base Receiver has additional on-board features, sounding an alarm whenever any enrolled beam-set beam is interrupted. The sound off of the alarm differs depending on the activated Beam-set.

The Four-zone Receiver has 4 different volume levels, and tonal control if required. Other devices (or an alarm panel) can interface with the Base Receiver via a detachable terminal block located on the back of the enclosure or via a GSM connector at the rear. Located next to the terminal block is an aerial connector for two supplied tuned aerials. Use the taller aerial for longer driveways.

The Four-zone Receiver is powered with a supplied 12V Power Adapter.

This kit includes:
  • 1 700-FSK Four-zone Base Receiver
  • 1 12V Power Adaptor for Base Receiver
Base Receiver
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 4
Volume Adjustment Increments YES – Adjustable Volume (can also be muted)
Power Requirements 12V DC
Dimensions – Millimetres W75 | D119 | H30
Warranty 3 Years

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