® Pro Series | Four Zone Base Receiver Option    NEW!

Choose between 1 to 4 Beamsets
– image shows the 1 Beamset option
Product Highlights
  • Monitors 1-4 zones
  • Detects intruders crossing property perimeter fence line
  • Beam spans 200m of flat ground
  • Includes standard whip Antenna for 1km connectivity range
  • 1-3km Range (with Yagi antenna)
  • 3 Year Warranty, including batteries

Choose between 1 to 4 Beamsets

Basic Overview

® Pro is a more serious solution to protecting your family and property because it allows you to monitor much greater areas of flat ground with a detection beam that spans more than 200m. Now you can wirelessly monitor boundary fences or completely surround your home or equipment sheds with powerful infra-red beams.

This model is supplied with a 4 zone receiver as standard – this allows you to monitor up to 4 beam-sets to the one receiver. You can mix and match beam-sets from our shorter range kits if desired.

® Pro also offers far greater radio connectivity range because it utilizes high-gain external antennas allowing connectivity ranges of up to 3000m.
When ordering, you have the option of upgrading from a standard external whip antenna to a long range Megabeam antenna. The two antenna options give maximum ranges of 1000m and 3000m respectively. These ranges are obstacle dependent. If there are a lot of trees, sheds and other things in the way, range will be reduced significantly. Please call us to have the best system designed for your property before ordering.
As with all of our kits a Parabeam® Pro Series installation will support the use of signal repeaters (for hilly terrain) and many other add-ons

See our ® Standard if you require our standard range gate alarm, or enquire about the ® Lite if you require a residential gate alarm.

Two-way Radio Supervision and On-board Diagnostics (displayed on Base Receiver) are features alarm installers routinely expect on wireless equipment – we haven’t seen these appear on any other gate alarm yet.

® Pro is compatible with our Pocket Beeper*, POCSAG Pager*, Text Message Module* and easily interfaces with Alarm Panels.

(* optional extras, sold separately).

These kits include:
  • Parabeam Pro Beam-set(s)
  • 3.7V Rechargeable Lipol Battery pack for each Beam Unit
  • 1 700-FSK Four-zone Base Receiver and antenna
  • 12V Power Adaptor for Base Receiver
  • 1 Solar Panel for each Beam Unit
  • Mounting Brackets for Beam-sets and solar panels
  • 1 Whip antenna or MegaBeam Antenna (Choose which type depending on connectivity range)

Detailed Overview
Base Receiver

The Four-zone Receiver supplied with ® Pro beam-sets, sounds an alarm whenever one of the beams is interrupted. The beeping sequence emitted differs for each zone so the zone can be easily identified audibly. There is also a zone light that continues flashing for some time after it was activated. The receiver has 4 different volume levels and each zone may be independently muted if required.

It also has four separate outputs that are mapped to each zone – this means other devices such as sirens or an alarm panel can interface with the receiver via a terminal block located on the rear of the enclosure. Maximum current for an output is around 300mA

These 4 outputs are also able to be individually controlled using the same 4 mute buttons that control the alert sound for each zone. You can see at a glance which zones have their sound muted and which zones have their output de-activated.

Located next to the terminal block is a gold SMA aerial connector for an indoor antenna (supplied) or an outdoor Yagi antenna (optional) If many kilometres of range are required you can utilize Yagi antennas at both the beam-set and the base receiver ends of the installation.

The Four-zone Receiver is powered with a supplied 12V Power Adapter.


Each beam-set is made up of two beam Units, the ‘beam emitter’ and the ‘beam communicator’ – these two units are installed directly facing each other up to 200m apart. An infra-red beam is transmitted from one and received by the other. Whenever the beam is broken, the beam-communicator sends an RF signal to the Base Receiver, alerting to a possible intruder in the area.

The ® Pro beam-set is designed to monitor a 200m stretch of open ground with its precise invisible infra-red beam. There are three beam-strength settings inside the emitter unit. For example, if you are only covering a 60m stretch of land you may want to select the lowest of the three settings particularly if the beam emitter is in shady spot where solar power is lower.

The Beam-set is powered by internal rechargeable batteries which are kept charged via small mountable solar panels. These batteries are relatively easily removed for replacement and have around 8-10 days of storage capacity when no solar panels are connected to maintain a daily charge – in a real situation the solar panels would always be connected.

Beam alignment has been carried out without the aid of any special technology in test installations along straight fence lines, with minor fine tuning performed after the initial estimated positioning. However a small laser pointer is supplied for alignment assistance. Regardless of what reference is used for the initial alignment, a ‘fine tuning’ procedure should always be carried out to ensure the two beam units are in fact correctly aligned. This will avoid needless false alarms.

Solar Panels

Each Beam-set comes with two solar panels, each measuring 125mm x 65mm.

These solar panels are designed to keep the Beam-set batteries charged, even in year-round overcast conditions and even work in the United Kingdom. Our solar panels have been treated specifically, to withstand salt spray and harsh UV rays which New Zealand experiences due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Antenna Options

We decided an external antenna was in order for the Pro beam-set because it would be more likely that longer radio connectivity would be required on a property, therefore two options are available for each beam-set; A whip antenna or a Yagi antenna.

Antennas connect to the ‘Beam-Communicator’ on its underside via a small gold SMA connector. This fitting must be fitted with sealing product supplied to prevent corrosion damage.

The whip antenna provides up to 1km of range while the Yagi provides up to 3km of range. The whip antenna comes with a few metres of cable. The Yagi comes with 12m of cable allowing it be mounted much further away from the beam communicator or indeed much higher.

The Yagi antenna is a UHF type very similar to common telemetry antennas that are seen nationwide on the likes of civil water tanks and weather stations, and therefore does not look out of place in a rural setting. For advice on radio connectivity on your property please call our free phone number 0508 727 223.

Base Receiver
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 4
Volume Adjustment Increments YES – Adjustable Volume (can also be muted)
Adjustable timed outputs YES
Number of timed outputs 4
Timed output range 4 – 120 seconds
External Beeper output YES
3G Communicator Port YES
Frequency 458.550Mhz
Power Requirements 12V DC
Dimensions – Millimetres W75 | D119 | H30
Warranty 3 Years
Pro Series Beam Set
Type of Beam Active Photo-electric Infra-red
Maximum Beam Width 200m
Maximum Radio connectivity with whip antenna installed 1000m
Maximum Radio connectivity with YAGI antenna installed 3000m
Sun Visors YES
Diagnostic reports YES
Diameter of IR beam 55mm
Beam alignment method Laser pointer / empirical
Modulation Type Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK)
Radio Frequency 458.550 MHz Band (Country Specific)
RF Output Power 80mW
Average Power Consumption per Beam Unit 15mW
Battery Voltage 3.7V (charges to 4.2V approx.)
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Weather Resistance
  • Poly-Carbonate, IP66 rated Enclosure
  • Fully weather-proof
  • Ant-proof
Dimensions – Millimetres W80 | D88 | H120
Warranty 3 Years
Solar Panels
Voltage Output 7.0Voc
Maximum Power output 800mW
Adjustable mounting angle YES
Standard Cable length 50m
Cable length Customisation YES (up to 50m)
Waterproof YES
Corrosion resistant YES
Dimensions – Millimetres W125 | D65
Warranty 3 Years

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