Parabeam Accessories

Pocket Beeper

Product Highlights
  • Receive alerts on small Pocket Beeper when around the home
  • Compatable with both 600-S and 700-FSK systems
  • Receives alerts directly from any 600-S Beam-set without the need of a Base Receiver
  • Interfaces with 700-FSK Base Receiver
  • Up to 200m range
  • 1 Year Warranty, including Batteries

Price Alberta CA $120.00


The Pocket Beeper enables you to be away from the Base Receiver and still receive alerts. It is designed to sound an alarm whenever the Base Receiver receives an alert from any installed beam-set.

The Beeper comes with a small antenna which connects to the Base Receiver. It has a typical operating range of about 200m from the Base Receiver.

  • Use only high quality batteries such as Duracell – avoid bulk supermarket types which will need replacing often.
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries may be used providing their rated voltage is close to 1.5V
  • Does not incorporate an internal battery charger
  • Supports an external 3V DC supply (polarity and DC plug must be correct, please inquire)
This kit includes:
  • 1 Pocket Beeper
  • 1 Belt holder
  • 1 small indoor transmitting antenna
  • Two AAA batteries
Pocket Beeper
Operating Range Up to 200m
Volume Adjustment None – Fixed Volume
Power Requirements Two AAA batteries
Beeper Dimensions – Millimeters W 50 | H 70 | D 15
Warranty 1 Year

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