® Signal Repeater

Product Highlights
  • Overcomes connectivity issues on hilly or heavily wooded sites
  • Accepts signals from two detectors
  • Supervised two-way connectivity
  • Solar powered
  • 3 Year Warranty, including Batteries

Price Alberta CA $726.25

Basic Overview

This product allows Parabeam signals to be communicated to the base receiver despite difficult terrain. For example a large hill or area of forestry may block or reduce the strength of the signal between a Parabeam detector and base receiver. This acts as a go-between, boosting the connectivity range. One or two detectors may be routed through the repeater.

There are 3 main components to the kit: Repeater unit, 4-Watt solar panel, battery enclosure.  These items are connected using waterproof ‘twist-lock’ style connectors – simply plug the solar panel and repeater unit into the battery pack after mounting the items on a suitably elevated post or mounting point

You can mix the sensor types that will be ‘talking’ through the repeater.  For example you could have a magnetic probe sensor on one zone and a standard beam-set on another – or you can have one sensor ‘talking’ through the repeater and another direct to the base receiver.

The system is solar-battery powered. A less expensive version powered from an AC charger is also available.  This version has a smaller internal battery and would suit a situation where the repeater is mounted on a building serviced by a mains power for example.  (see our AC charger version)

Maximum wireless operating range between the repeater and Base Receiver or repeater and detector is 800m but may be extended using MegaBeam antennas. Please call for more advice.

This kit includes:
  • 1 Repeater unit
  • 1 4-Watt Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Batteries in mounted enclosure
  • Waterproof Connectors

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