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Canadian Doco Film Company Choose Parabeam

December 21, 2015

Canadian documentary film company Q-Films contacted us late 2011 looking for a ‘trip-wire’ style invisible beam system they could deploy in the field to help capture footage for a feature film on local wildlife. Two invisible beams would be used in an ‘X’ formation to trigger professional cameras whenever the animals wandered into the detection zone. The beams were to be set up on tripods and battery powered, they also had to work in sub-zero temperatures reliably.

Thankfully we had just finished the first production run of our new 700-FSK model which was perfect for the job because of its low power consumption and small, robust construction. The detection beam of the new model can also be pushed out to 50m; exactly the distance the ‘X’ formation was required to span. Initially a single beam-set was dispatched to be trialed in snowfall and after a few weeks of testing and a few minor adaptations, a report came back that everything was working as hoped for. A second beam-set was dispatched to complete the configuration and the film is now well on the way to completion.

Some acclaimed wildlife projects Q-Films that have previously released may be viewed here:

Operation Tripwire to aid anti-poaching efforts

October 22, 2015

Operation Tripwire is a technology project for Wildlife Conservation.

Mike Vincent and a small design team are developing long range detection beams to help track the movements of Rhino horn poachers in South Africa.

This clip shows Mike Vincent assembling smaller optical assemblies for field testing on farms in New Zealand. The final system will utilize multiple beams that work over a distance of 500m of flat ground to detect anyone crossing key borders, tracks and other areas of interest – alerting to their direction of travel by way of long range radio communication. We are very excited about this project.

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