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® alert systems testing

® systems are rigorously tested to ensure they leave our factory free of faults.

® 700-FSK Emitter Installed

This image shows an installed 700-FSK Emitter, part of a Beam kit installed to cover the top of a 45m concrete slab wall. It is interfaced with a Bosch monitored alarm system.

(Photo courtesy of Ross Galt Lock & Alarm Service Ltd)

® MegaBeam Installed (a)

This MegaBeam Antenna replaces the standard aerial on the Beam Communicator and enables the wireless range to the Base Receiver, to be up to 1km.

® MegaBeam Installed (b)

® MegaBeam Installed (c)

® Repeater Unit Installed

This Repeater Unit overcomes the issue of hills blocking the wireless signal between the Beam-set and Base Receiver.

The Repeater Unit relays signals both ways, between the Base Receiver and the Beam-set, allowing a Beam-set to be installed where there might be a hill blocking the signal.