Professional Product Range

Perfect for residential and urban locations; supports one or two Beam-sets; 50m range; and only available direct from the manufacturer.

Designed for lifestyle and commercial installations; 800m Range; supports one or two Beam-sets.

Excellent for long range applications; supports one or two Beam-sets; includes MegaBeam antenna – extending the range to 2.5km

Entry Level Product Range

Get started with an Entry level Alert system, suits most household needs.

® Package Options Comparison Table

Parabeam Lite Parabeam Standard Parabeam Extended
Suitable for Residential Monitoring Yes
Suitable for Lifestyle Block Monitoring Yes
Suitable for Rural Monitoring Yes
Suitable for Commercial applications Yes Yes
Wireless Range 50m 800m 2.5km
Maximum Beam Width 40m 40m 40m
Two-way radio supervision Yes Yes Yes
Onboard Diagnostics (displayed on Base Receiver) Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Number of Beam-sets supported by Base Receiver 2 2 2
Adjustable Volume Control (on Base Receiver)

(* optional extras, sold seperately).

Inside the ® Beam-set

An active infra-red beam is an accurate method for the detection of people and vehicles in any kind of weather.

We use this technology in our ® Beam-set because it is accurate, robust and is less prone to false activations.

The Beam Emitter, mounted 800mm above ground sends an invisible beam of light to the Beam Communicator, located up to 40m away. These two units form the beam-set. Whenever the beam is interrupted at any point along its path, an alert is generated.

The alert is communicated wirelessly to a remote base receiver that may be hundreds, even thousands of metres away.

The Beam-set is powered with small rechargable batteries, located inside each Beam Unit. These batteries are kept charged through the use of small solar panels which are supplied with all of our systems.

We supply one solar panel for each Beam Unit, and each solar panel arrives to you with a 5m long cable, allowing for flexible installation.